Some examples of concepts that can be realized with NUTRIOSE® Pea EXP in a large range of food products.

Pea-based NUTRIOSE® is available and can be used in food products such as:

  • Baked goods (including, but not limited to, biscuits and cookies, cakes and pastries, bakery fillings and toppings),
  • Cereals and snacks (including, but not limited to, cereal bars, breakfast cereals, coated nuts, savory snacks,
  • Dairy and dairy alternatives (including, but not limited to, beverages, deserts, ice-creams and sorbets),
  • Confectionary (including, but not limited to, wine gums and jellies),
  • Sport nutrition (including, but not limited to, bars, meals and beverages),
  • Weight-management (including, but not limited to, bars, meals and beverages),
  • Senior nutrition (including, but not limited to, bars, meals and beverages),
  • Clinical nutrition, Nutritional supplements and Beverages (including, but not limited to, powder drinks, fruits juices, ready-to-drink beverages).

In this document, all concepts and recipes attached to them were originally developed with NUTRIOSE® FB soluble fibre (wheat-based) or NUTRIOSE® FM soluble fibre (corn-based).

All these concepts and recipes can be realized with a pea-based NUTRIOSE® soluble fibre (NUTRIOSE® Pea EXP).

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