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Some examples of concepts that can be realized with NUTRIOSE® Pea EXP in a large range of food products.

Pea-based NUTRIOSE® is available and can be used in food products such as:

  • Baked goods (including, but not limited to, biscuits and cookies, cakes and pastries, bakery fillings and toppings),
  • Cereals and snacks (including, but not limited to, cereal bars, breakfast cereals, coated nuts, savory snacks,
  • Dairy and dairy alternatives (including, but not limited to, beverages, deserts, ice-creams and sorbets),
  • Confectionary (including, but not limited to, wine gums and jellies),
  • Sport nutrition (including, but not limited to, bars, meals and beverages),
  • Weight-management (including, but not limited to, bars, meals and beverages),
  • Senior nutrition (including, but not limited to, bars, meals and beverages),
  • Clinical nutrition, Nutritional supplements and Beverages (including, but not limited to, powder drinks, fruits juices, ready-to-drink beverages).

In this document, all concepts and recipes attached to them were originally developed with NUTRIOSE® FB soluble fibre (wheat-based) or NUTRIOSE® FM soluble fibre (corn-based).

All these concepts and recipes can be realized with a pea-based NUTRIOSE® soluble fibre (NUTRIOSE® Pea EXP).

List of concept that can be realized with a pea-based NUTRIOSE® (pea resistant dextrin)
  • Rebalance sugars – an irresistible sandwich biscuit at optimum cost
  • Sugars reduction, the optimum way!
  • Control sugar intake of your sweeties at school break!
  • Healthy & Enjoyable crunchy choco bites
  • Indulge yourself, include protein from peas and fiber in your crackers!
  • On-the-go breakfast bits for a healthy start to the day
  • Protein & fiber plant-powered Breakfast biscuits
  • Release your energy with low GI* biscuits
  • Tastier and Healthier Fruit flavoured drink
  • Optimum isotonic beverage = Better endurance performance
  • A Bit of a Boost twice a day to feel full for longer
  • Smart jellies Reach your Sugar reduction targets
  • High-Protein VegDelight dessert 100% vegan
  • Protein-enriched vegetable drink for ageing well!
  • Creamy Plant-Based Beverage
  • Protein-enriched stewed fruit, a tasty dessert for ageing well!
  • Glycem’Ice Low GI Raspberry sorbet
  • High-Protein Bar for athletes
  • High Protein Bar for athletes, A 100% plant-based bar to help gain muscle mass!
  • Meal replacement vanilla instant protein dessert, 9g protein
  • High protein bar for athletes, 34% protein
  • Instant tomato soup for healthy eating
  • NutriDelicious sugar-free biscuits
  • Nutrisfaction 100% vegetable meal replacement bar, 25% protein
  • Have a refreshing fibre boost, twice a day!
  • Sugar-free cupcake, Manage blood glucose with indulgence
  • Table top fibre, boost easily your fibre intake
  • Boost ANTIOXIDANT potential of Chlorella thanks to NUTRIOSE®
  • Optimize antioxidant potential of Chlorella thanks to NUTRIOSE®





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