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#FiberFebruary: woman with vegetables

Do you eat enough fiber? 

#FiberFebruary is the opportunity to raise awareness around the importance of fiber in our diets! 

#FiberFebruary is a campaign aimed at promoting the importance of fiber in our diets.

Taking place in the month of February, it focuses on raising awareness about the health benefits of fiber and encourages people to incorporate more fiber-rich foods into their diets.

The fiber gap refers to the difference between the recommended daily intake of fiber and the actual fiber consumption of an individual or population.

The recommended daily intake of fiber varies depending on age, gender, and other factors, but it is generally recommended to consume between 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day.(1)

Despite a growing interest in fiber, most people do not consume enough fiber, resulting in a fiber gap.

This deficiency can easily be corrected. To offer easy-to-use fiber enrichment solutions to food manufacturers, Roquette has developed NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber.

From non-GMO corn or wheat, NUTRIOSE® is a range of soluble fibers with outstanding digestive tolerance, excellent process stability, and backed with clinically proven health benefits:

  • Gut health and prebiotic effect, thanks to the growth of specific gut microbiota for a diversified gut.
  • Sustained energy release through slow and prolonged fermentation in the colon.
  • Blood glucose management through a low impact on blood glucose or through sugar reduction.
  • Satiety and weight management through calorie reduction.

Close the fiber gap with NUTRIOSE®, the perfect complement to your everyday well-being! 


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