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Innovation in Motion

Roquette has successfully launched a new plant-based, pea protein solution for the Bio-Industry Market with FOOD COMPATIBILITY.

NUTRALYS® H85 pea protein responds to your request for plant-based origin substrate for the fermentation market.

NUTRALYS® H85 pea protein also provides a solution to your food compatibility requirements, allowing for the production of food components like enzymes and probiotics. As a protein used in fermentation media, this new solution has similar nutritional benefits compared to soy and milk proteins, without their weaknesses.

Moreover, our solution offers high bio-availability and balanced nutrient composition, making a real difference in terms of processing. NUTRALYS® H85 pea protein is easy to formulate (solubility, acidity, foaming).

NUTRALYS® H85 is also meeting specifications such as:

  • Plant proteins
  • Halal 
  • Kosher
  • Non GMO 
  • Gluten-free

With the launch of NUTRALYS® H85, Roquette reaffirms its ambition of unlocking the potential of Nature to offer the best ingredients.


Today’s markets are not only demanding green, clean label solutions, but also products that deliver specific health benefits for the consumer.  Probiotic and prebiotic food solutions continue to explode in the marketplace, offering customers options to improve overall health and immune response.  NUTRALYS® H85 is an excellent source of nutrition for microorganisms, whether incorporated into microbial cell propagation or as a nutrient for human microflora in the digestive tract.  This novel pea protein offers a complete balance of free amino acids, peptides, and complex nitrogen required for development of microbial strains most often utilized in probiotics.

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