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As we transition to more sustainable agricultural practices, seed protection is a key area of concern for growers.

Seed treatment techniques have evolved since ancient times to become standard practice for most of our crops. Seed treatments help protect seeds at an early stage from pests, diseases, and stress, as well as encourage optimal nutrition for germination, thus early plant growth.

Conventional seed treatment formulations have long relied on fossil-fuel-derived polymers or synthetic products, and often contain environmentally problematic ingredients, notably microplastics.

Driven by the consumer demand for more environmentally friendly produce, seed treatment solutions are evolving and are also impacted by global initiatives and tightening regulations.

In Europe and the United States alike, several regulations like the European Green Deal, the Farm-to-Fork strategy and USDA Agricultural Innovation Agenda have intensified the need for more sustainable seed treatment formulations.

The challenge is broad: finding safer, cleaner seed treatment solutions that offer comparable performance and yield potential to growers. 

Sustainable plant care solutions from seed to harvest

Roquette has developed a range of plant-based solutions, dedicated to plant nutrition and crop protection.

Plant protection starts well before the harvest. That is the reason why our portfolio includes ingredients dedicated to seed treatments.

To grow securely, resist abiotic stress and external aggressions, and absorb all the beneficial nutrients the soil can offer, plants require optimal conditions even before germination.

Our plant-based ingredients for seed treatments bring biodegradable and sustainable solutions to growers. Our solutions have proven to be effective, meeting the requirements and expectations in terms of performance and yield.

In this article, we present experimental data to illustrate the performance of Roquette plant-based solutions in the treatment of both cereal and vegetable seeds.

Through three dedicated case studies, we demonstrate how they deliver comparable performance to conventional alternatives while significantly lowering the environmental footprint of growers. 


Download our article to learn more about their potential and how Roquette plant care solutions can help make seed treatments safer to use and better for the planet. 

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