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Performance materials - Isosorbide for polyesters PET - Hot filling packaging

Eco-friendly polyesters with exciting potential for hot fill and cosmetic packaging


As a copolyester, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) lends itself to the incorporation of alternative comonomers to access modified performance profiles. Isosorbide is a plant starch-derived bicyclic diol with considerable potential for this application.

POLYSORB® Isosorbide manufactured on an industrial scale by Roquette has a carbon footprint of just 0.09 kg CO2/kg of product and the ability to enhance the performance of PET in areas of recognized weakness.

In this article, we discuss how SK chemicals (Seongnam-si, South Korea), a global leader in the field of eco-friendly materials, has capitalized on the potential of isosorbide (POLYSORB®) to commercialize new polymers (ECOZEN®) that deliver high performance in areas where PET has limitations. 


With a secure, high purity, industrial-scale supply of isosorbide now in place at Roquette, polymer manufacturers are free to exploit the potential of this plant-based  performance chemical as a comonomer. SK chemicals has already done just that.

New PEIT grades optimized for specific applications such as hot fill and cosmetic packaging illustrate how incorporating isosorbide can address the widely recognized limitations of PET, producing valuable polymers that fit easily into established recycling and re-use channels. 

Learn more by downloading this highly documented article.

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