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Mother and daughter celebrating Easter

Better for you – Reformulation

When spring starts and Easter is around the corner, people prefer to spend more time outside and enjoy that special moment with friends and family. Of course, when it comes to food at Easter, we all probably think about the same: chocolate. Bunnies or decorated Easter eggs made of chocolate are often irresistible to eat.

But consumers are now increasingly looking for alternative versions of their favorite chocolate, with a focus on sugar content.

Discover our two options for sugar-reduced chocolate!

Consumers are looking for indulgent chocolate with less sugar

While we like to indulge, we don’t want to feel guilty about it. That's why consumers with a sweet tooth are looking for options that please their taste with permissible indulgence. 

New product launches displaying sugar-related claims are growing globally, across all categories. It’s no surprise given that 37% of consumers have decreased their sugar intake in the last year.(1) Low sugar and sugar-reduced are among the fastest-growing sugar-related claims for chocolate confectionery (NPL 2019-2021 Europe).(2)

How to achieve sugar management in chocolate?

Maltitol for no-added sugars chocolate

Food manufacturers can formulate healthier options of milk chocolate with the same pleasure, thanks to SweetPearl® maltitol.

This sugar-free and low-calorie bulk sweetener has a reduced impact on the glycemic index and a sweetness profile close to sucrose. SweetPearl® is easy to use in manufacturing processes and helps to achieve tasty yet healthier food products.

Check out our recipe for no-added sugars dark chocolate.

Maltodextrins for sugar-reduced milk chocolate

Another easy and convenient way to achieve sugar reduction is by using maltodextrins. Maltodextrin is a blend of nutritious polysaccharides obtained from starch. Maltodextrins come in different levels of mono- and disaccharides (simple or dual units of sugar).

GLUCIDEX® by Roquette is a large range of maltodextrins and dried glucose syrups. At Roquette, our experts can provide you with a wide range of products from which you will find the perfect ingredient depending on the particle size or physicochemical properties you need for your application.

GLUCIDEX® acts as a bulking agent with good dispersion properties and full solubility. It provides an excellent mouthfeel and appearance thanks to its neutral taste. And it’s a good option for partial substitution of the sugar in your recipe while maintaining all the indulgence.

Are you a food formulator?

We have an online platform specially created for you.  Roquette Innovation Hub offers all the technical and scientific data on our plant-based ingredients. It also gives access toinnovative and tasty recipes with GLUCIDEX® maltodextrins and dried glucose syrups. Visit our Innovation Hub.

Testimony: How to achieve the same delicious taste but less sugar milk chocolate?

Xavier VandewalleXavier Vandewalle, Food Application Technician at Roquette

“Let’s see how we can formulate sugar-reduced milk chocolate for an indulgent Easter celebration.”

“The following recipe is a milk chocolate that is reduced in sugars thanks to GLUCIDEX® IT 12 maltodextrin. It can be used as an enrobing chocolate, really ideal to replicate any of the typical Easter figures."...

GLUCIDEX® IT 12 has a micro-granulated structure, low level of mono- and disaccharides (≤ 3%) and offers better flow and dispersion properties, and faster dissolution without lumping."...

“In that chocolate recipe, GLUCIDEX® performs as a bulking agent able to partially substitute sugar. It brings a perfect melting and a subtle sweet taste, perfectly matching with chocolate, as it will enhance cocoa flavors. That combination provides a great milk chocolate in terms of taste, texture, and appearance with 30% sugar reduction.”...

“GLUCIDEX® doesn’t imply any major modifications on the processability compared to a classic sugar-based recipe. GLUCIDEX® maltodextrins are ideal for sugar-reduced formulation. Contact us for more information on this recipe and others: we have plenty!”

Don’t hesitate to request a sample of GLUCIDEX® for your next food formulation. 



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