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Break free of the design and performance constraints of aluminium and steel. Next generation plastics can provide the perfect solution for personal care and household products.


In 2019, the global aerosol market was valued at USD86 billion, and it is estimated to see compound annual growth in revenue of 6.6% over the next 7 years, largely within the personal care sector.1 Aluminium and steel dominate in aerosol packaging, but what about plastic? 

New polymers offer compelling attractions when it comes to design flexibility, core performance and environmental impact. Poly(ethylene-co-isosorbide) terephthalate (PEIT), a modified form of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containing isosorbide, a renewable feedstock for high performance materials, offers exciting possibilities for aerosol packaging and is just beginning to penetrate the market.


PEIT has the potential to further enhance the plastic aerosol product portfolio by providing better technical performance, notably a higher Tg, with no loss of recyclability. For those looking to exploit the growing demands for plastic aerosols, isosorbide is a high performance monomer that demands a closer look.

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