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Roquette Launches a New Rice Protein
The company extends its NUTRALYS® plant protein range to better address consumer demand for healthier food.
 Roquette launches a new NUTRALYS® organic range  of texturized pea and fava proteins
Roquette announced today the launch of its new NUTRALYS® range of organic textured proteins from pea and fava for European markets.
€25 million Investment for Polyols at Lestrem site, France
Roquette invests €25 million at its site in Lestrem, France, to strengthen its unique position in the polyols market.
Cell therapy acceleration strategy - OPTI-STEM project
"Biotherapies and Bioproduction of Innovative Therapies" acceleration strategy: the R&D consortium led by Cell-Easy obtained public funding. Read more...
Roquette study confirms the excellent nutritional quality  of its pea protein
The study follows the FAO recommended DIAAS methodology and shows outstanding results.