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Hydroalcoholic solution production - Roquette team

The company will exceptionally produce 5,000 liters of hydro-alcoholic disinfectant solution per week to support healthcare workers in the front line

La Madeleine, France, March 30 2020 – At a time when the shortage of hydro-alcoholic disinfectant gel is hitting many countries around the world, Roquette, a global leader in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of plant proteins, has adapted one of its pilot lines at its site in Lestrem, France, to manufacture an hydro-alcoholic disinfectant solution. The production started last week and the first shipment has now been sent, free of charge, to the Lille University Hospital Center, to the French Blood Donors Organization and to other local health facilities, in coordination with the “Hauts-de-France Regional Health Agency” and the local authorities.

While this type of solution is not usually produced by Roquette, the company adjusted one of its R&D pilot units in Lestrem and obtained the required regulatory approvals to produce the hydro-alcoholic solution.

Roquette will produce 5,000 liters of this solution per week as a first step. 500 liters will be used internally to strengthen the existing measures put in place to protect employees and contractors working at company’s sites. This will allow the continuity of their operations, critical to ensure the supply of plant-based ingredients to Food and Pharmaceutical markets. 4,000 liters will be distributed every week, free of charge, to the Lille University Hospital Center and 500 liters will address the needs of the French Blood Donors Organization and the healthcare workers of other local health facilities.

This engagement will be maintained for as long as necessary in alignment with the instructions of health authorities.

“At Roquette we think that, more than ever, we all have to join forces and help each other to address this global crisis. With this initiative, we wish to take part in the collective effort to support those who are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic every day” says Jean-Marc Gilson, CEO of Roquette.

“We are proud and pleased to contribute, at our scale, to the support of healthcare workers. All our employees are committed to this mission and thanks to their efforts we have been able to launch this initiative and are already thinking about the possibility of increasing the production”, adds Jean-Marc Corpart, the Head of this project from the Roquette R&D team.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has generated a massive demand in hydroalcoholic solution. Since the beginning of the crisis, and thanks to the commitment of the health professionnals and to the mobilization of the students in Pharmacy, the Lille University Hospital Center has been engaged in the preparation and the packing of around 2,000 liters of hydroalcoholic solution per day. It helps address the needs of the health providers and of all professionals implied in our hospital, as well as around 20 healthcare centers in the North of France. The Lille University Hospital Center is really pleased to rely on the support of Roquette which contributes to answer those significant needs", explains Professor Pascal Odou, Chief of the Lille University Hospital Pharmacy.

About Roquette

“Offering the best of nature”, Roquette is a global leader in plant-based ingredients for Food, Nutrition and Health markets and a pioneer of new plant proteins. A trusted global supplier to life science companies around the globe for more than 40 years, the Group considers that life-saving pharmaceuticals start with high-quality ingredients and is committed to hold itself to the highest industry standards. From oral dosage excipients (pharmaceutical branded, generic, nutraceuticals, and over the counter) and biopharma materials to injectables and dialysis solutions, Roquette offers a competitive broad-range of customer-focused solutions, providing consistency and reliability across every ingredient. Each of these ingredients responds to unique and essential needs, and they enable healthier lifestyles. Thanks to a constant drive for innovation and a long-term vision, the Group is committed to improving the well-being of millions of people all over the world while taking care of resources and territories. Roquette currently operates in over 100 countries, has a turnover of around 3.5 billion euros and employs 8,600 people worldwide.

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