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Roquette at Seoul Food 2024

SEOUL FOOD 2024, alongside the 8th Global Food Trend & Tech Conference 2024, emerged as a premier food industry exhibition in Asia. Under the theme "For Us, For Earth; Food Tech for the Future," the event served as a pivotal platform for Roquette in Korea to showcase leadership in sustainable nutrition amidst discussions on future food innovations in Northeast Asia.

With over 40 years of pioneering in plant protein innovation, Roquette took center stage as a keynote speaker, addressing "Plant-based Protein for a Healthy Human Future." The session highlighted the transformative impact of plant-based proteins, focusing on Roquette's innovative use of peas as a sustainable nutritional foundation. 

Engaging with industry leaders, Roquette provided insights into the innovative production processes of NUTRALYS® plant protein and its versatile applications across diverse food categories. More than 140 industry professionals gained valuable perspectives on how NUTRALYS® drives future food innovations and sustainability through interactive discussions and a robust Q&A session.

Roquette at Seoul Food 2024

"Our focus on NUTRALYS® plant protein underscores its growing potential in the Korean market," said Justin Park, Ph.D., Technical Distribution Development Manager, Greater Asia, Food GBU. "Consumers are increasingly seeking nutritionally sound and sustainable alternatives, propelling demand for innovative solutions like NUTRALYS®."

Looking forward, Roquette anticipates expanding its footprint in the plant protein sector. "Meeting consumer demands for taste and nutritional value remains our top priority," emphasized David CHO, Head of Sales for Korea GBU Core Ingredients, highlighting ongoing product development efforts. "In line with South Korea's 2030 Food Industry Vision, which emphasizes sustainability and innovation, NUTRALYS® plant protein reaffirms our commitment to meeting market demands and advancing towards a healthier, more sustainable future."

Key Takeaways on Pea as a Next-Generation Raw Material

Roquette's selection of peas as a next-generation raw material was spotlighted for its sustainability and nutritional benefits.

"With the global population projected to reach 9 billion by 2050, ensuring nutritional safety and sustainability is paramount," emphasized Roquette's representative.

Peas offer an optimal composition—approximately 50% starch, 25% protein, and 14% fiber—making them efficient raw material with minimal waste. Peas are not a major allergen and require minimal herbicides, pesticides, and nitrogen fertilizers, thus boasting a low environmental footprint.

Discover NUTRALYS®: Roquette's Vision for Sustainable Protein


NUTRALYS® plant protein, derived from peas, fava, rice, and wheat, embodies Roquette's commitment to sustainable nutrition. Renowned for its exceptional nutrient profile and stable supply chain, NUTRALYS® addresses diverse nutritional needs and technical requirements, driving rapid adoption across global markets.

This strategic engagement underscores Roquette's dedication to advancing sustainable nutrition within the food industry. By fostering collaborations and sharing expertise at events like SEOUL FOOD 2024, Roquette continues to lead innovation in plant-based proteins, shaping the future of nutritious and environmentally conscious food solutions.


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