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As Gold Sponsor, ROQUETTE delivered a presentation on “New isosorbide based solutions for safer coatings”.

The Bio-based Solutions International Conference and Exhibition (co-organized by Chimie du végétal) was held at the Lille Grand Palais – Lille, on the 25th and 26th of April 2017.

As an event dedicated to bio-based products, conferences program debated on the issues that are of a specific interest to agro-industrial companies, chemical specialists and to end-use industrial firms in particular.

In that context, Roquette specialists welcomed attendees at the PBS exhibition to discover several sustainable plant-based solutions, offering for instance:

  • An increased temperature resistance of polymers for plastics performance and thermosetting resins with POLYSORB® Isosorbide,
  • The elimination of the use of synthetic polymers in the clarification of raw water as well as a drastic reduction in the level of metal in treated water with NAIACLEAR® range,
  • A partial or total replacement of latex from petrochemicals in paper coating with STABILYS®, a thermally modified starch.

In addition, a conference was hosted by René SAINT-LOUP (Polymer Chemistry Research Department Manager – ROQUETTE) on “New isosorbide based solutions for safer coatings”. This conference was part of the “New platform molecule for different bio-based products formulation” innovative session on the 26th of April.

About 600 participants were present during this event.

A visit of the LESTREM’s plant was organized by PBS after the 2 days of conference. We received 40 customers, who were happy to discover the biggest bio-refinery plant in Europe!


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