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Play with us to discover Beauté by Roquette LS 007

A 100% plant-based preservative booster

Let’s have fun and finish off 2020 with a blast! Play with us!

Roquette Beauté is launching a new plant-based preservative booster: the Beauté by Roquette® LS 007. This innovative solution helps destroy the main strains targeted in cosmetics products. The synergistic effect of 3 ingredients provides fantastic performance while preserving the naturality of the cosmetic product. 

As we are all celebrating the holiday season, Roquette Beauté has decided to launch this product in a festive and fun way with 3 online games.

Join our Special Agent LS 007 in his mission to pulverize and destroy bacteria, mold and yeast. 

Play with us online or on your mobile and earn your right to unveil all the “secret information” on this 100% plant-based preservative booster.