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Pea starch for sports nutrition

Active consumers are constantly looking for foods that provide them with the energy they need. One-third of EU consumers buy sports nutrition food products to give them energy or keep them going*. Those consumers are becoming ever more demanding regarding food and snacks that can support their busy lifestyles.

At the same time, health-driven consumers want carbs that are good for them with low glycemic response and they actively look for alternatives to simple sugars in their diets.

To respond to those market needs, Roquette has developed Roquette pea starch LN 30, a product suited for active nutrition applications that comes in powder shake and snack bar formats. Roquette digestibility analysis (patent pending) shows that this unique pea starch is slowly digested and might offer a sustained and easily available energy to perform for longer.

Thanks to this specific digestibility profile, Roquette pea starch LN 30 may also have a low impact on blood glucose response, as demonstrated by a human clinical trial conducted by Roquette in December 2018.

And, Roquette pea starch LN 30 comes from sustainable yellow peas selected according to a Roquette Protocol (agricultural practices), it is obtained by a gentle and clean process and it is simply labeled as “pea starch".

Roquette pea starch LN 30 will be available on the EU market at the beginning of 2020.

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* Innova consumer insights (FR, DE, SP, UK), 2018