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Roquette at in-cosmetics global 2023

Meet us on booth AG40!

Explore plant-based ingredients’ kaleidoscope of possibilities with us!

For the 2023 edition of in-cosmetics® global taking place from March 28 to 30 in Barcelona, we invite you to dive into sustainable beauty!

Travel through the potential of our plant-based ingredients in a three-dimensional experience at our booth AG40 and beyond.

Master Beauté

Take a seat for an exclusive series of conversations showcased daily at the Roquette Beauté booth.

Designed to share our new product features and expertise, these sessions will help you deep-dive into Roquette Beauté’s high-performance multifunctional ingredients and learn how they can help you overcome your plant-based formulation challenges.

Indulge Beauté

Foster your creativity and play with our plant-based cosmetic formulations.

Explore our ingredients’ versatility during a hands-on formulation session accompanied by a Roquette Beauté expert to touch and experience the kaleidoscope of plant-based ingredients’ textures.

Elevate Beauté

Get a taste of the Roquette Beauté Phygital Journey and explore the tips and tricks we have developed to help you create your next plant-based cosmetic product.

Beyond Beauté

Don’t miss the occasion to discover our plant-based ingredients beyond the Roquette Beauté booth, throughout the in-cosmetics® tradeshow grounds. 

Join Camille Lacore, Application Scientist at Roquette, for a Formulation Lab Session:

  • To formulate your very own Miracle Cube, a solid-to-cream low-fat emulsion, with a rich and unique texture
  • On March 29 at 17.30 in Lab1.

Join our Trip Around the Sun with our three exclusive formulations showcased at the #sensorybar:

  • SUN SHIELD, an SPF 50+ tinted sun stick, for a sun-kissed radiant look.
  • SUN SAFE, an easy-to-apply, invisible sprayable emulsion with an SPF 15+.
  • SUN RESCUE, an after-sun gel to soothe your skin with a silky feel.

Learn about our latest ingredient Beauté by Roquette® DE 006 plant-based soothing agent and its benefits that will be unveiled at the #innovationzone, and discover SECRET SOOTHER, an all-gender after-shave intimate lotion.


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