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Roquette Beauté in Paris

Discover the first three episodes

100% dedicated to YOU, the first Roquette Beauté Expertise Center has opened in Paris.

600 sqm of collaborative spaces, an experimental consumer laboratory, and state-of-the art co-innovation equipment, imagined for co-creation, expert collaboration and knowledge sharing around plant-based ingredients.

Join us for our episodes online and discover the story of "Roquette Beauté in Paris," unveiling how the Roquette Beauté Expertise Center will help us build the future of cosmetics … together!


EPISODE 3/5 | VIDEO - Visit of the Expertise Center

Join Bénédicte Courel and Jeremy Burks for an exclusive visit of the Roquette Beauté Expertise Center: 600 sqm dedicated to co-innovation with our customer in order to co-create the cosmetics of tomorrow.


EPISODE 2/5 | ARTICLE - A Tailor-made, Plant-Based Approach

An exclusive article explaining one of Roquette Beauté's strong commitments: Sustainable Beauty implies developing a Tailor-Made, Plant-Based Approach for Tomorrow’s Cosmetics.

Read through our episode 2/5


EPISODE 1/5 | VIDEO - A Dedicated Expertise Center

Original video "Paris, where else?"


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