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Webinar Healthy Plant-Based Carbs - PFNDAI India

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3:00PM to 5:30PM
4 Feb. 3:00 pm IST - Webinar
"Healthy Plant-Based Carbs: Maltodextrins and Glucose Syrups in Developing Healthy Foods"

PFNDAI (Protein Foods and Nutrition Development Association of India) is an industry association with members mostly from industry and academia that organizes various activities to create awareness about food, nutrition, and safety which all are related to health. 

Roquette and PFNDAI invite you to a webinar which will connect R&D decision-makers across food and beverage companies.

The goal will be to provide actionable insights and approaches to the community to successfully develop formulations using a range of healthy carbohydrates that not only will have enhanced nutritional value but also deliver on consumer expectations. This event will also explore future trends and consumer priorities, alongside technical, formulation, and manufacturing considerations to inform the future of your carbohydrates needs. 

On February 4 at 3:00pm IST, two Roquette experts are joining the discussion on "Healthy Plant-Based Carbs".

They will give their insights about how maltodextrins and glucose syrups can contribute to develop healthy foods.

  • Health benefit of carbohydrates for all age groups (infancy to adulthood)
  • Application of maltodextrins and glucose syrups for better food products
  • Application of carbohydrate ingredients in the global food industry with an Indian glimpse

Roquette speakers are experts from our Customer Technical Services center.

Damien-Pierre LesotDamien-Pierre LESOT, Head of Food Technical Developers

Charmie PatelCharmie Patel, Food Application Scientist

Rohit SalgaonkarRohit Salgaonkar, Food Application Development Team Leader


Register to the webinar