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Free online webinar

3:00PM to 5:00PM
CEST Time - Online

About the Webinar

In this webinar we will bring together experts who will guide us through the milestones in the cyclodextrin journey from benchtop to patients. 

We will explain the evolution of cyclodextrin-based drug delivery systems from laboratory research to real world patient care. Our speakers will explore key aspects of this journey, highlighting breakthroughs, challenges, and the promise of cyclodextrin in improving therapeutic outcomes.


Preparation of Parenteral and Oral Cyclodextrin-Based Formulations and their Physical Characterization.

  • Process of formulating cyclodextrin-based drugs for parenteral and oral administration
  • Solubility and stability studies
  • Cyclodextrins in lab experiments and clinical applications
  • Speaker: Dr. Carmen Popescu (Roquette)

Cyclodextrins in Liquid, Transdermal, and other Non-Traditional Forms.

  • Cyclodextrins in liquid formulations, transdermal patches, and other delivery methods
  • Theoretical concepts and practical solutions
  • Speaker: Dr. Balazs Kondoros (CarboHyde)

Hunting for Cyclodextrins: Analytical Assay Methods in Biological Fluids.

  • Studying cyclodextrins in biological matrices
  • Assay techniques and their role in clinical trials and insights
  • Speaker: Dr. Tamas Sohajda (CarboHyde)

Promising Future for HPBCD in Inhalation

  • HPBCD in inhalation therapies
  • Cyclodextrins to transform respiratory medicine
  • Speaker: Dr. Natacha Rocks (Aquilon)

Panel Session and Q&A

Participants: Erem Bilensoy (Hacettepe University), Paul Maes (Aquilon CEO), Julien Parcq (Roquette), Damien Truffin (Roquette), Elham Blouet (Roquette), Carmen Popescu (Roquette), Tamás Sohajda (Carbohyde), Nicolas Descamps (Roquette, Moderator).


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Carmen PopescuDr. Carmen Popescu is a Global Pharma/Biopharma Program Coordinator at Roquette America Inc and got her B.S. degree in Physics and Ph.D. in Biophysics at University of Bucharest, Romania.  In her career, she focused on the development of classic dosage forms (liquid, semi-solid and solid dosage forms formulation) as well as drug delivery systems (microparticles, nanoparticles, liposomes, noisome) for small and large molecules.

Balazs KondorosDr. Balázs Kondoros first encountered the topic of cyclodextrins in his undergraduate pharmacy studies. He later started to do experimental work on this topic, from which he obtained a PhD degree in 2024. He is most interested in areas where cyclodextrins are used as excipients in unexpected and innovative ways. Currently, he is working as a Formulation Scientist at CarboHyde.

Tamas SohajdaDr. Tamás Sohajda started working on cyclodextrins in 2006, joined CycloLab in 2011 where he become head of quality control, later director of research and development and finally CEO. His R&D interests are in designing new industrially important CD derivatives ideal as next generation excipients, drug delivery systems or as biologically active compounds. Currently, Tamás serves as the CEO of CarboHyde, a pharmaceutical start-up company developing carbohydrate-based novel therapeutics.

Natacha RocksDr. Natacha Rocks first encountered the topic of cyclodextrins during preclinical studies on respiratory models performed in the context of her PhD in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of Liège, Belgium). She later pursued experimental work on cyclodextrins used as excipient in formulations intended for treating patients in the field of asthma and lung cancer, before joining the Aquilon group in 2019. Aquilon has been founded based on research data obtained at the University of Liège on cyclodextrin-containing liquid and powder formulations intended for inhalation. Currently, she is leading the scientific preclinical and clinical research groups of Aquilon Pharma.

Panel experts

  • Dr. Erem Bilensoy founded a research-based company, BioGalenica, at the Hacettepe Technopolis on 8 April 2021, and is currently the CEO.
  • Paul Maes is CEO of Aquilon Pharma, he has an extensive background as an industry pharmacist and pharmaceutical R&D executive.
  • Julien Parcq is the Manager of Functionalization of Starches, Sugars, and Polyols department at Roquette. 
  • Dr. Damien Truffin is Pharmacologist and Toxicologist in Nutrition and Health R&D in Roquette’s Global R&D department.
  • Dr. Elham Blouet is regional Head of Biopharma Technologies and Global Market Manager at Roquette Pharma Solutions.
  • Dr. Nicolas Descamps is the Global Technology Liaison Manager at Roquette Pharma Solutions.