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Man attending a webinar about Cyclodextrins in Biopharma


12:00PM to 3:00PM
Online, CEST time
Free Online Webinar - 21 June 2023 - 12 PM (CEST)

A free series of educative sessions

This free webinar series explores the present and future applications of cyclodextrins in biopharma through a series of educative sessions.

It focuses on cyclodextrins uses in protein formulations (monoclonal antibodies), gene therapy, vaccines, and other biotech applications

The webinar includes an overview of the current market, three concise lectures by experts from Roquette and CarboHyde, and concludes with a moderated panel discussion featuring the speakers and key opinion leaders.

The audience can ask questions and participate in an open discussion about the challenges and possibilities of these innovative applications.


  • BioPharma Market Insights (15 min)
    Elham Blouet, Regional Head Bio Pharma Technology, Roquette
  • Revolutionizing Gene Therapy: The Dynamic Duo of Cyclodextrins and Gene Delivery (40 min*)
    Milo Malanga, CarboHyde
  • Unlock the potential of KLEPTOSE® Hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin in biologics downstream process and formulation development (40 min*)
    Peng Tao, BioPharma Research Manager, Roquette
  • Polysorbates versus KLEPTOSE® HPB Hydroxypropyl Beta-Cyclodextrin: Comparative Study on Stability & Antibody Stabilization (40  min*)
    Hailong Zhang, Research Analytical Manager, Roquette
  • Panel discussion (45 min): Cyclodextrins-based formulations in Biopharma – current and future applications, advantages, and challenges
    Experts to be introduced soon

* Duration 40 mn : 30 mn presentation and 10 mn questions


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About the speakers

Elham BlouetElham Blouet, Ph.D., Regional Head Bio Pharma Technology at Roquette

Dr. Elham Blouet is a Pharmacist and has several years of experience in industrial pharma companies and health authority’s agencies. She joined Roquette in 2007 with a current position as Regional Head of Biopharma Technologies and Global Market Manager in the Global Pharma Business Unit.

Peng TaoPeng Tao, Ph.D., Biopharma Research Manager at Roquette Asia Pacific Innovation Center in Singapore

Dr. Tao Peng has been focusing his work on exploring and validating ingredient solutions for enhancing biopharma manufacturing processes and formulations. KLEPTOSE® hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin is of high interest due to its high potential as a biologic’s stabilizer and other beneficial characteristics. He obtained his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He has >10 years of industrial experience in protein and monoclonal antibody research with deep hands-on practices and knowledge of protein downstream processes, formulation development, and characterizations.

Hailong ZHANGHailong Zhang, Ph.D., Analytical Research Manager, Pharma Applied Science at Roquette

Dr. Hailong Zhang received his Ph.D. in Analytical-bioanalytical Chemistry at Cleveland State University/Cleveland Clinic and completed his postdoctoral training in pharmaceutical science at University of Toronto. His interests and experience focus on exploring phase-appropriate analytical strategies to the specific needs of unique molecules, delivering a comprehensive understanding and characterization of the molecule for each stage of drug development and commercialization, including starting material, intermediates and drug products under cGMP.

Milo Malanga, Chief Scientific Officer at CarboHyde

CarboHyde is a private preclinical pharmaceutical start-up company specializing in the development of carbohydrate-based APIs.