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Roquette Beauté at in-cosmetics Global 2022

Time to (re)Experience Roquette Beauté in person!
Paris 5-7 April, 2022

Play the video for an overview of Roquette Beauté at in-cosmetics... then discover the program below!


Good news!! We’re (re)OPEN!!! 

After 2 years of postponing and virtualizing, it’s now time to meet again in person! And for this occasion, Roquette Beauté has imagined FOR YOU a journey filled with great experiences at the in-cosmetics® Global tradeshow.

Come LIVE the Roquette Beauté Experience in Paris and discover the brand’s latest innovation in plant-based ingredients for Cosmetics.  

360° Virtual Visit of Roquette
Beauté Expertise Center
In person Meetings
Formulation Lab
  April 6 @15:30, Lab 1
Sensory Bar
Sustainability Speech
April 5 @16:00
Sustainability Corner
Technical Seminar
April 6t @17:30, Theater 1
Innovation Zone

Come & live the Roquette Beauté Experience at in-cosmetics® Global.

We can’t wait!!

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