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Roquette at Biologics Festival India 2022

Pune, India
Biologics Festival India 2022 - Hyatt Regency Hotel & Residences, Pune, India - 5-6 May

Roquette will be participating in the Biologics Festival India

Our Roquette team will present our solutions for biotherapeutics, which come with:

  • High-quality ingredients for upstream, downstream, and final formulation.
  • Expertise to help enhance processes and quality.
  • Formulation support.
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Roquette Biopharma expert will deliver a presentation 

Darshana JainJoin Darshana Jain PhD, BioPharma Technical Developer at Roquette, as she will give a scientific presentation on:

  • Unlocking the Potential of Biologics and Vaccines with KLEPTOSE® Hydroxypropyl Beta-Cyclodextrin
  • Friday 6 May - 12:50 pm

Biologic drugs have the potential to address many chronic diseases and various unmet medical needs. The number of biologic drugs in development continues to increase exponentially, with more than 2,700 remedies in development as of mid-2017. The first-mover effect is strongest of all – a 13% market share advantage – when the first mover expands indications faster than later entrants in the first five years after launch. To achieve the same, the formulator of biologic products has to overcome various challenges associated with formulation, such as aggregation, degradation, viscosity, and thermal stress. These challenges could have a severe impact on patient safety and are critical to faster approval of the product.

To address such challenges, Roquette’s KLEPTOSE® BioPharma hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin (HPβCD) can counter various physical and chemical stressors: heat, light, and oxidative stresses. Even under such stress, HPβCD maintains its chemical stability and is a plant-based product. Adalimumab, as a model mAb, formulated in the presence of KLEPTOSE® BioPharma (HPβCD) showed a significant decrease in both agitation and thermal stress-induced protein aggregation and prevention of sub-visible particle formation.

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