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Roquette at Fi India & Hi Virtual Expo 2021

A unique online exhibition


We would be very happy to welcome you to our virtual booth as we feature innovative ingredients and original food and beverage concepts, answering the latest consumer trends in:

You can also learn more in our dedicated Hubs Plant Protein and Soluble Fiber.

During the event, you can access a lot of information and interactive activities:

  • Product videos, original video recipes by an Indian Chef and a French Chef, and innovative food concepts.
  • Online discussions through a live chat with Roquette specialists from Sales, Marketing and Food Applications Center. 
  • A special session on 8 July 2021, from 12.45pm to 1:15pm
    Charmie Patel and Rohit Salgaonkar, Applications Scientists at Roquette in India, will share their expertise on “Boon of Plant-Based Solutions – Focus on Plant Proteins, Sugar Alternatives and High Quality Carbs”.

Join us for a unique virtual exhibition with the Roquette Food team!


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