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Bring positive messaging of sugar reduced products to consumers


84% of consumers are limiting the amount of sugar in their diet and 56% of consumers are consuming less sugar than they did a year ago. Therefore, there is mounting pressure on food & beverage brands to develop low and no sugar food and beverage products to meet growing consumer demands for natural, clean-label, better-for you products, that don’t compromise on taste or performance. Accompanied with the launch of various sugar taxes, voluntary sugar reduction targets and advertising restrictions, R&D teams & formulators alike are turning their attention to exploring novel technologies and designing clean-label sugar alternatives that provide sweetness but also enhance the nutritional value of the product.

Advancing Sugar Reduction Technologies Summit will connect R&D decision makers across food & beverage to explore next-generation, natural sugar reduction enabling technologies and ingredients. The goal will be to provide actionable insights and approaches to the community to successfully develop clean-label, taste-first, better-for-you, low and no sugar food and beverage products, that not only have enhanced nutritional value, but also deliver on consumer expectation. This event will explore future trends and changing consumer priorities, alongside technical, formulation and manufacturing considerations to inform the future of your sugar reduction R&D beyond the use of traditional sweeteners. 

On September 22nd, Roquette is joining the discussion on advancing sugar reduction technologies. 

Damien-Pierre LESOT, Head of technical developers and Silvia SCHNICKER, Head of Marketing Americas - Food Specialties, will talk on 22 September at 5:50 pm:

Bring positive messaging of sugar reduced products to consumers

  • Roquette bulking agent solutions
  • Beyond the sugar reduction message
  • Keep the permissible indulgence

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About the speakers

Lesot Damien-PierreDamien-Pierre LESOT, Head of technical developers at Roquette

Damien-Pierre is a 20-year veteran in B2B technical, marketing and sales roles and holds a post-graduate Master’s Degree in Agriculture and Food Science. He is currently heading a team of  global technical developers helping food manufacturers to transition to plant-based ingredients.

Silvia SchnickerSilvia SCHNICKER, Head of Marketing Americas - Food Specialties at Roquette

Silvia is a market leader with over 20 years’ experience in the food ingredients sector. She holds an MBA in Marketing Management and BS in Food Engineering. She currently leads the Americas Marketing team at Roquette with focus on solutions and strategies to address current and future market needs.