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Roquette to showcase plant protein and other offerings

Tokyo, Japan
Discover our latest news on NUTRALYS® plant proteins at Health Ingredients Japan 2020.

Join us at booth number 2-265 of the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center’s West Hall 1&2 where we will highlight our NUTRALYS® plant proteins and show you how they can be easily used for virtually any food or beverage application.

NUTRALYS® pea protein offers good nutritional quality (amino acid composition rich in BCAAs, not a major allergen, high digestibility, low anti-nutritional factors). The protein ingredient is produced through a clean water-based process and is supported by the great sustainable history surrounding growing yellow peas.

In just a few years, ROQUETTE has developed the widest range of pea protein available on the market today. Thanks to different particle sizes and different functionalities, Roquette's NUTRALYS® pea protein range enables innovative formats to be formulated.

Roquette is the only company to carry out numerous clinical studies on pea protein.

Our development teams want to partner with you to develop healthy food products with high quality ingredients.

We look forward to welcoming you at booth 2-265 on November 16-18 or contact us to set up an appointment ahead of the event.


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