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Roquette at Virtual FFT 2020

Gold Partner Roquette participates in roundtable

Join us on Sept, 17 @ 4.20 pm (BST / 6am US Pacific Time / 9am US Eastern Time / 9pm SGT US Eastern Time)

The Future Food-Tech Summit is going virtual! Investors and entrepreneurs from all four corners of the globe will come together online to radically rethink our food system in a post-Covid 19 world.

Jean-Philippe Azoulay, Head of Peas & New Proteins Business Line at Roquette, is very happy to participate in a roundtable discussion.

Bleeding Edge : Latest Innovations in Plant-based Products - Thursday 17 at 4:20pm

  • What newly identified crops and protein strains could outperform others in nutrition, functionality, taste, and sustainability?
    Looking further than protein, what is the next plant-based ‘health’ trend and how will this change sourcing strategy?
    Compared with the traditional meat industry, how has the plant-based supply chain faired during this crisis?
    How do plant-based protein formulas compare in different categories? What new processes and technologies are being used to mimic dairy, seafood, and other animal products?
    How are companies exploring culinary design and developing more versatile plant-based products?
    Why are plant-based products still sold at a premium? What hurdles remain in the way of making them price competitive?
  • Session Chair: Aldo Uva – CCO, Chief R&D Officer, The LIVEKINDLY Co
    Speakers: Willem Van Weede – CEO, Vivera Food Group, Jean-Philippe Azoulay – VP, Head of Pea & New Protein Lines, Roquette, Thierry Saint-Denis – CTO, SIMULATE , Cecile Beliot – Group EVP, Bel 

Jean-Philippe declares: “I can’t wait to connect again with the food innovators at Future Food-Tech. It will be a great opportunity to exchange with those who are passionate about food and want to develop better food for people for the planet. At Roquette, we are convinced that this can be achieved through reliable plant-based ingredients, expertise and collaborative work. This will involve an exceptional journey of discovery, and our teams look forward to cooking with the many food innovators eager to quickly create a dazzling range of new cuisines."

Join Jean-Philippe online to explore topics across plant-based products and plant proteins.



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