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Gut Health with NUTRIOSE® Soluble Fiber

The gut. Everybody’s got one, but do they look after it properly? 

9:00AM to 10:00AM
Webinar: Let’s Talk Digestion, Good Gut Health with NUTRIOSE® Soluble Fiber
Thursday 9 April, 2020 - 9am CST (Chicago) - 4pm CET (Paris) - Duration 60mn

Consumers are increasingly open to introducing gut-boosting pro- and prebiotics into their diet. However, new data shows there’s a lack of understanding about the exact type needed for optimal digestive health. 

The webinar will explore this US$70 billion market and how manufacturers can meet growing demand. In the spotlight will be NUTRIOSE® – a soluble fiber shown to help promote the growth of "good bacteria" and support gut health across a range of food and beverage applications.


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About the speakers

  Nicole MacDonald, Market Manager, Food GBU, Americas, Roquette

Nicole is a results-driven B2B/B2C marketing and communications leader with over 15 years’ global experience, a BS in Marketing and an MA in Strategic Communications. She is currently a Market Manager for the Food GBU, Americas at Roquette.

Mauray Aurelie  Aurélie Mauray, Market Manager, Food GBU, Americas, Roquette

Aurelie is a food engineer and holds a PhD in Nutrition. She has 10 years of experience in food applications, new product development, customer experience and business development. She is currently a Market Manager for the Food GBU, Americas at Roquette.

  Heather Nelson, PhD Nutrition Scientist, Roquette

Heather holds a PhD in Nutrition Biochemistry and has 20 years of experience in the food, supplement, and health industries. She has worked with top CPG companies to develop innovative health/nutrition-based strategies to drive business growth.

  Jatin Sharma, Global Market Manager – Fibers, Dairy and Savory, Roquette

Jatin is an athlete-turned-scientist-turned-passionate marketer on a mission to help food and beverage brands and entrepreneurs on how plant-based ingredient nutrition storytelling and targeted messaging can create business-changing food products.


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