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DDF Summit

Roquette expert to deliver a presentation about extending shelf life of therapeutic proteins.

Berlin, Germany

Dr. HONG Shiqi, senior biopharma scientist at Roquette’s Global Biopharma Center of Excellence in Singapore, will be hosting a presentation in the biologics stream:

  • Extending shelf life of therapeutic proteins with Hydroxylpropyl ß-Cyclodextrins – mechanistic understanding of bevacizumab stabilization.
  • Tuesday 10 March / 2:20 pm - 2:55 pm

Therapeutic proteins undergo various stresses during upstream, downstream, formulation fill-finish processes, transportation and storage. Dr. Hong´s presentation will helps us understand the stabilization mechanism of Hydroxylpropyl ß-Cyclodextrins  (KLEPTOSE® HP or HPB) in reducing bevacizumab aggregation.

This study offers deeper understanding of the mechanistic role of KLEPTOSE® in bevacizumab formulations by weakening the bevacuzimab-bevacuzimab association, and demonstrates the thermal and oxidative stability of KLEPTOSE® itself. KLEPTOSE® is a viable option for reducing aggregation of bevacizumab and extending its shelf life.

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About the speaker
Dr. HONG Shiqi is a senior biopharma scientist at Roquette, based out of Roquette’s Global Biopharma Center of Excellence in Singapore. In her role, Dr. Hong specializes in formulation development and focuses on developing new solutions to extend the shelf life of therapeutic proteins. She possesses over a decade of cross-functional industrial experience in drug product development, including substantial knowledge in supporting early stage drug development of small molecules. Dr. Hong earned her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the National University of Singapore.

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