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Savoury meat analogue

A team of Roquette experts for key contributions

8:45AM to 5:30PM
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Roquette is the proud Platinum Sponsor of this new conference organized by GlobalMeat News.

The future of plant-based proteins will highlight the latest developments and barriers in the rapidly expanding plant-based protein market. Plant-based protein worldwide experts have been invited to present a range of topics on the growing trend, as well as how it will influence the future opportunities of the international meat sector.

We look forward to meeting you in Amsterdam next June the 26th, where our team will make a number of key contributions.


Benjamin Voiry   Leverage innovation! with Benjamin Voiry - Roquette Global Marketing Manager

Benjamin is on the Conference Innovation Panel and will present his views on how the meat analogues offer is benefiting from numerous innovations.


Anne Darcas   Tickle your taste buds for inspiration! with Anne Darcas - Roquette’s Meat- Free Formulations expert

Anne wants to tempt you with the widest range of pea proteins and textured pea proteins available – and some very tasty veggie concepts!


Bruno Géhin   Sustainability and the future of plant-based proteins with Bruno Gehin - Roquette’s Global New Proteins Project Leader

Bruno will host a round-table discussion on the exciting prospects.


In just 10 years, Roquette has developed the widest range of pea-based proteins available in today’s market, and has contributed to their successful development in the meat-free sector.

Roquette’s ability to open up the sheer variety of such plant-based protein sources is key to meeting today’s increasing consumer demand for sensory diversity and nutritional improvement.

Join the team in Amsterdam to explore the potential of plant-based proteins and be part of the innovation journey.


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