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Roquette to deliver a technology spotlight at the Drug Delivery & Formulation Summit.
Berlin, Germany

Dr Rajeev GOKHALE, Head of Global Pharmaceutical Sciences R&D at Roquette, will be hosting a presentation:

  • “Hydroxylpropyl ß-cyclodextrin: A Promising Excipient for Protein Stabilization” - Wednesday 12 March

Dr. GOKHALE’s presentation will focus on a study of the effects of novel Cyclodextrins, KLEPTOSE® HPB and HP in various therapeutics protein formulations. This presentation will provide insights to better understand the link between protein and surrounding environments, discuss the role of novel Cyclodextrins reducing aggregation and developing therapeutically effective and safe protein formulations. 

KLEPTOSE® BioPharma addresses industry concerns regarding the use of polysorbates and it  shows promise as an alternative to polysorbates within biologic formulations.



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