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Thermo-resins 2017

POLYSORB® Isosorbide empowers thermosetting resins and composites.
Berlin, Germany

René SAINT-LOUP (Manager of Polymer Chemistry Department) will give a talk on September 26 during the Green Chemistry session on new solutions for thermosetting resins and composites empowered by POLYSORB® Isosorbide.

  • September 26, 2018 - 11:40 am: Conference "Isosorbide as a building block for thermosetting resins"

Audrey SAHUT (Research Engineer in Thermosetting team) and René SAINT-LOUP will be available for technical discussions and exchanges about Roquette solutions to improve the performances of coatings and composites with POLYSORB® Isosorbide based solutions.

To have more information or to book a meeting during the exhibition, please send a mail to P[email protected]