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Experience Café Roquette for the Latest Innovations in Plant-Based Ingredients
Chicago, USA

Learn more about the latest innovations in plant-based nutrition and food ingredients from Roquette experts at the 2018 Institute of Food Technologists show in Chicago, Illinois, from July 16-18. 

Learn about delicious solutions for SUGAR REDUCTION, FIBER ENRICHMENT and PLANT- BASED PROTEINS with new Café innovations from Roquette.  Collaborate with Roquette experts to see how you can solve complex challenges in creating delicious, protein-centric plant-based foods.

Enjoy high-protein, high-fiber, and reduced-sugar beverages, snacks and treats made with NUTRALYS® pea protein and NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber.

Start your morning with a refreshing, cold-brew iced coffee beverage, vegan or dairy & plant-based yogurt and a delicious lemon-blueberry scone.  Not a coffee drinker? Try the 100% plant-based milk alternative or a high-protein plant-based protein shake.  For an afternoon treat, indulge in a reduced-sugar cake pop or a plant-powered vanilla biscuit. In a hurry? Get your fiber to go! As many consumers look for simple ways to add fiber to their diets, NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber is a great solution that easily incorporates into almost any food or beverage with the added health benefit of wholesome fiber.

While you’re sampling, don’t forget to ask about the new pea protein plant we are building in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, to strengthen our position as a global leader in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of pea protein for the global Food, Nutrition & Health markets. The new plant, expected to come online in 2020, will increase Roquette’s production capacity to address the growing demand from this market segment, especially in North America. 

Don’t miss these exciting and delicious innovations at Café Roquette - Booth #S1249.


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