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Conference on dietary fibers

Roquette's science of nutrition recognised

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Roquette R&D Nutrition team will be participating to the 7th International Dietary Fiber Conference 2018 on "Fiber Diversity in Food, Fermentation and Health", held in Rotterdam, 4-6 June 2018.

This International Dietary Fiber Conference -held every 3 years since 2000- is the occasion where scientists, regulators and industry representatives from all over the world can meet in a unique location. Participants are given a comprehensive overview of the state of play in the field of dietary fiber.

The R&D Nutrition team will make an oral presentation about the NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber and its positive effects on gut ecology, satiety, and glucose metabolism in humans.

The demonstrated health benefits of NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber regarding blood glucose management and prolonged energy supply in humans will be also presented during the poster sessions of this international conference.

The fact that Roquette earned the opportunity to deliver these presentations is a real recognition of the scientific expertise of the Group in the field of dietary fiber, as the presentation and posters abstracts were reviewed and selected by the Dietary Fiber Scientific Committee.


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