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Vitafoods 2017

Customize your oral delivery forms - the healthy way!
Geneva, Switzerland

Get healthfully creative with Roquette’s range of plant-based ingredients & excipients!

The global market for vitamin & supplement nutraceuticals is growing at 8% per year* owed to a number of factors, including growth from emerging countries and aging populations, the rising cost of healthcare, increasing on-the-go & health conscious consumers being proactive about their health, and consumers selecting ingredients based on clean label or dietary restrictions. 

Designing versatile solutions that enable innovation and allow consumers a convenient dosage form is all about investing in safe, natural ingredients for optimal performance.” says Kelsey Achenbach, Head of Marketing Pharma at Roquette. “Consumers increasingly want satisfying food choices they can feel good about and that better fit a healthy lifestyle.” adds Patrick Lapointe, Head of Marketing Food at Roquette.

Roquette helps its customers to get closer to the health & nutrition market’s expectations. The application teams have developed suitable, healthy and tasty concepts for them. The exciting ideas featured at the show will include:

  • Vegan high-protein dough bar
    With 25% protein -exclusively from NUTRALYS® pea proteins- this delicious vegan dough bar is dairy-free and helps you feel full for longer while maintaining your muscle mass.
  • Indulgent table top fiber
    Easily boost your fiber intake thanks to this easy-to-use sugar-free table top fiber with NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber. Moreover, NUTRIOSE® has clinically proven benefits for blood glucose rise management.
  • Plant-based protein powder shake
    With 28 grams of plant protein per serving, this powder shake is gluten- and lactose-free and provides a smooth texture – thanks to NUTRALYS® pea protein.

We are pleased to announce that the health benefits of NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber on blood glucose impact** will be displayed at the Vitafoods Europe Poster Presentation area, after having been reviewed by the Vitafoods Europe Executive Advisory Board.

Roquette is dedicated to providing healthy & customized solutions and multifunctional ingredients, so its customers can provide the highest-quality nutraceutical to their customers. The Roquette Food and Pharma teams will be on hand to answer any questions. 

*Nutraceutical Excipients Market Forecast to 2022, Markets and Markets.

**Roquette scientific poster on “The soluble fiber NUTRIOSE® attenuates the blood glucose impact of a preload and displays a prolonged colonic fermentation pattern through gut microbiota modulation in healthy volunteers.”