Potato Dextrin

TACKIDEX® dextrins provide a variety of benefits to the manufacturer and consumer as both an excipient and a nutrient. They are white to yellow powders obtained from maize tapioca and potato starch by heat treatment. These are ingredients for clinical nutrition & nutraceuticals.
Dextrins are starch polymers derived through solid-state heating from partially hydrolysed starch. Dextrinification is a classical starch processing technology making partial or complete solubility possible.

As an excipient dextrins are a binder, filler or filler/binder, stabilizer, and suspending agent & viscosifier. As a nutrient it is a carbohydrate and fibre source

TACKIDEX® can be used in many pharma oral dosage and nutraceutical forms including swallowable tablets; chewable tablets; effervescent tablets; losenges; hard capsules; soft capsules; coatings; orally dissolving films; blends, granules, pellets premix; medicated confectionary; and syrups, suspensions and liquids.
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