Roquette‘s Mannitol range is dedicated to nutraceutical and pharmaceutical oral dosage applications needing the benefit of a filler & filler/binder as well as a bulk sweetener.  The PEARLITOL® range offers a unique blend of exceptional physical and chemical stability and no hygroscopicity. Using different texturizing technologies we have designed a crystalline range of directly compressible PEARLITOL® (SD, DC and C) with various particle size allowing you to find the right product. With great organoleptic, non-cariogenic and sugar-free properties PEARLITOL® is suitable to be used in formulation addressing all type of patient population including pediatric and diabetic.

PEARLITOL® can be used in swallowable tablets; orally dispersible tablets; chewable tablets; effervescent tablets; losenges, blends, Granules, pellets premix; and medicated confectionary.
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