KLEPTOSE® Beta-cyclodextrins are efficient solubilizers, stabilization enhancers and taste-masking agents. A full range is available for use in many dosage forms, from solid to liquid.  Molecular encapsulation with beta-cyclodextrins is an accepted and useful tool for pharmaceutical formulators, with many pharmaceutical products containing cyclodextrin complexes on the market.  Roquette has developed a wide range of KLEPTOSE® offering features like low water content, various particle size and directly compressible properties with KLEPTOSE® DC.

Roquette has pioneered the industrial development of cyclodextrins with its KLEPTOSE® range of beta-cyclodextrins.

It can be used in many pharma oral dosage and nutraceutical forms including swallowable tablets; chewable tablets; effervescent tablets; losenges; hard capsules; soft capsules; orally dissolving films; blends, granules, pellets premix; medicated confectionary; syrups, suspensions and liquids.
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