Low endotoxin hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin

Available in 1, 10 and 25kg plastic drums, and Roquette Precision Dispense packaging

KLEPTOSE® HP and HPB BioPharma Low endotoxin hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin is a multifunctional excipient that provides protein stabilization in biopharmaceutical downstream applications. These are cyclic oligosaccharides with a bucket-like structure. With a hydrophobic internal cavity and hydrophilic exterior, these starch derivatives can encapsulate molecules, forming inclusion complexes where lipophilic compounds are non-covalently bound within the cavity.

Their unique function to encapsulate and shield water insoluble materials can be utilized to shield exposed hydrophobic residues on aggregation-prone proteins, thereby modulating protein aggregation. Widely used in the formulation of small molecules, highly soluble beta-cyclodextrin derivatives like our KLEPTOSE® HP BioPharma and KLEPTOSE® HPB BioPharma show promise as a multifunctional excipient suitable for biopharma applications.

Representing a promising class of excipients that can reduce protein aggregation induced by physical stress, cyclodextrins can serve as an alternative option to currently used excipients, or a tool to synergistically complement your biotherapeutic formulations.

These materials are suitable for use in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and as an excipient for injectable dosage forms. Contact us today at Roquette to talk to us about these multicompendial materials - EP, USP and JP.
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