Maltodextrin GLUCIDEX®

GLUCIDEX® Maize maltodextrin II provides excipient benefits as a filler and filler/binder. Maltodextrins are maize starch hydrolysis products with a dextrose equivalent of 20 maximum.  The hydrolysis of starch polymers results in soluble glucose syrups of increasing sweetness, increased osmolarity and reduced viscosity.  At low hydrolysis ratios these glucose syrups are bland and viscous, and tend to retrograde.  This makes the use of a drying operation such as spray drying necessary to guarantee the stability of such hydrolysis products.  GLUCIDEX® IT range has a particular physical structure providing free-flowing properties and better solubilization.

GLUCIDEX® is a large family of maltodextrins with a variety of characteristic powder properties.  They can be used in various oral dosage forms in both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications including swallowable tablets, blends, granules, pellets premix and medicated confectionaries. 

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