Sweetpearl® P90 Maltitol and KLEPTOSE® Linecaps Pea Maltodextrin Placebo Granules
Formulation Guideline

Sweetpearl® P90 Maltitol and KLEPTOSE® Linecaps Pea Maltodextrin Placebo Granules

Placebo formulation demonstrating processability of SweetPearl® P90 Maltitol as filler/binder and KLEPTOSE® Linecaps Pea Maltodextrin in high shear wet granulation process



% (By weight)

Quantity Used (g)

SweetPearl® P90 Maltitol



KLEPTOSE® Linecaps Pea Maltodextrin






Red coloring agent




  1. In a 6 Liters lab-scale high shear granulator, introduce SweetPearl® P90 Maltitol and KLEPTOSE® Linecaps Pea Maltodextrin.
  2. Dissolve the coloring agent in the water (0.6% DS).
  3. Mix the powders for 3 minutes (impeller 250 rpm and chopper at 1800 rpm).
  4. Spray the solution on the powder for 1 minute 20 seconds while mixing
    (spraying conditions: 3 bars pressure, 0.4 mm spraying nozzle diameter, 75 g of solution / min).    
  5. After spraying, continue mixing for 8 minutes.
  6. Dry the granules in a fluidized bed dryer at 60°C until 1-2% moisture content.
  7. Calibrate the powder on a 1000 µm screen.


Addititional comments

  • SweetPearl® P90 Maltitol is a filler/binder with fine particle size that can provide a pleasant taste and stability to your formulation thanks to high chemical stability and low hygroscopicity. It is suitable for both chewable and swallowable tablets by wet granulation.
  • KLEPTOSE® LINECAPS pea maltodextrin acts as a solubilizer, stabilizer and taste-making agent. It is ideal for pediatrics and may also be used as a binder in formulations processed by wet granulation.


This formula is a guideline for recommended use of our products; it does not imply consent to their use in violation of existing patent(s). 
These details are for information only and we believe them to be reliable.

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