Maltodextrin and Dried Glucose Syrup

GLUCIDEX® maltodextrin and dried glucose syrup are plant-based carbohydrates that provide fully available energy!

GLUCIDEX® provides 100% glucose-based energy, the most efficient energy substrate for muscles, the brain and recovery, to fuel active lifestyles. Lactose-free, these GLUCIDEX® maltodextrins and dried glucose syrups are high quality carbs produced from non-GMO starch, with high digestibility and excellent tolerance. They offer a choice of dextrose equivalent (DE from 12 to 47) that allow fine-tuning of product osmolarity and provide good hydration, increased energy and quick recovery. 
Thanks to their full solubility and neutral taste, these white powders are ideal bulking agents and drying carriers in an extensive variety of food applications including soups, seasonings, flavors, powdered beverages. 
Not intended and non-suitable for dry mix infant formula preparation. 

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