Dextrose Monohydrate

Dextrose Monohydrate provides sweetness and energy in an extensive variety of food applications.

Glucose or dextrose is the monomer of the starch chain (polymers). Glucose is also the sugar naturally present in the human body. 

• Bakery & Snacks (Salty Snacks, Sweet biscuit & cookie, Fillings, custards & decors, Cake & pastry)
• Beverages (Powdered beverages)
• Confectionery (Compressed tablet, Chewy sweets & marshmallow, Wine gums & jellies)
• Dairy (Ice Cream)
• Savory (Meat, Seafood, Soup, Sauce, Seasoning)
• Specialized nutrition (Sports nutrition & weight management)

Functional Properties
• Indulgence (Sweetness, Anti-crystallization & freezing point depression)
• Better for you (Energy)

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