The Organic Food Trend
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The Organic Food Trend

Clean labeling is becoming more important for consumers as a way to reinforce their commitment on sustainability and healthy eating.

Consumer concerns about sustainability and health have promoted the so-called “clean label” trend. It reflects the interest of consumers in having products that preferably contain only naturally sourced ingredients, or the most respectful to the environment with a short list of ingredients. Globally, 2 in 3 consumers state that clean label has an impact in their purchasing decision.1 And organic is the most recognized health-related label or claim with a clean label positioning.1


Organic is a global trend. A reason for its success can be that organic usually resonates as a more sustainable way of production, due to the strict rules and restrictions applied to the production and management of these products. It’s a fact that consumers are really interested in sustainability, as almost half of global consumers have been looking to modify their diet in the past years to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.2


It should be also noted that organic-certified products can be perceived as well as more secure, and now in a time where health and food safety are hot topics, it can be another main driver for consumers to go for organic.

Europe and North America are the main organic markets. Baby food is the market segment to watch.

Europe and North America are the leading regions, showing the highest retail value sales, so the most interesting market territories now selling organic products.3

Organic packaged food and beverages 2022

Source: Euromonitor International (Organic Food and Beverages, €, 2022)


In terms of market value, dairy, bakery and snacks, and beverages are the most important segments in organic market. However, baby food is the market segment showing the highest growth rate at 6.4% (CAGR 2022-2026).3


Highest penetration rates of organic new product launches – certified food and beverage products – are found also in Europe and North America, with respectively 15% and 9% of products being organic certified from the total count of products in the region. If we focus on a market segment, in 2022, 42% of all new baby food products launched globally contained an organic claim.4

Percentage of new baby food product launches with the organic claim

Source: Innova Market Insights (Babies and Toddlers category) 

Play with the best ingredient solutions from Roquette’s organic range

Roquette’s GLUCIDEX® 19 Premium Organic maltodextrin for Europe, and Glucidex®  19 ND Premium Organic maltodextrin for USA, are the perfect ingredients to include in infant milk formula. As the best quality ingredient, it can provide an optimum carb source for babies, excellent digestive tolerance and hydration. We offer also Glucidex® 19 ND organic, available for other food applications, with different functionalities such as compressibility which allows its use in tableting.


Our organic ingredient range also includes Organic Pea Starch, a versatile ingredient from the sustainable yellow pea that is not a major allergen. It can be used in various types of applications such as an efficient carb source in energy drinks, a clean label texturizer in gummies, an anticaking agent in cheese, sugar reduction in fillings, or as a binder in meat or plant-based meat products.


What about organic protein products? Under the brand name NUTRALYS® plant protein, Roquette offers a complete range of organic textured protein, from pea and fava bean to organic pea protein isolates. Both textured and isolate proteins can provide a high level of protein (above 50% and 80% as is), good functionalities and a clean taste which allow food manufacturers to create delicious yet organic products, in various applications such as meat alternatives, non-dairy products and nutritional food and beverages.

Develop successful organic products with us. With premium quality ingredients and formulation expertise, Roquette can help food developers create innovative and delicious organic food and beverages answering consumers’ needs.

Feel free to contact our team to start creating the future of the organic food and beverage market.


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