Key Food Trends in 2023
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Key Food Trends in 2023

In the new year, many of us will continue focusing on health, a recurrent topic, which will remain a top trend in the food industry. But we have other hot topics resonating in 2023 like affordability, preference for simpler labeling and a high interest in personalization without forgetting about small, desired indulgences. 
Let’s look at what we see as the most relevant trends for this year.


Key Food Trends in 2023

From health to affordability and plant-based products, have a look on the food trends shaping 2023.

1. Overall health – Caring for the body and mental well-being

People are conscious about the importance that diet has on their overall well-being, and now they are putting a more holistic focus on both physical and  mental health.  For global consumers, 46% are planning to focus on their mental health, while 41% plan to focus on their energy levels.1 A combination of carbs and protein can do the job in a meal for balanced energy release, as well as the use of slowly digestible carbohydrates.

Immunity or digestive health are other key topics people plan to address this year.1 One way to tap into that trend is through the inclusion of fiber such as  NUTRIOSE® in the food or beverage formulation. Indeed, fiber are recognized for : 

  • Promoting digestive health
  • Reduces the risk of chronic diseases
  • Helps control blood sugar levels
  • Promotes satiety

2. Balancing budget – Cost-optimized formulations

The world is changing fast. Recent years have been full of uncertainty and challenges, and this has affected our financial situation. Consequently, consumers are increasingly attentive to affordability, which is now the second most relevant concern right after health.2 How can we help those consumers? We should be smart at optimizing our processes without compromising taste and quality. One way to do so is by improving our formulations; that way, we can improve productivity or make it using less energy.


3. A little pleasure – There’s always room for indulgence

Although we’re facing a tough economic situation and trying to stick to a plan or guidelines to help us navigate this situation, we also want to have small luxuries to give us a break. Basics and staples will be the focus; however, there will still be room for indulgence. Three in five consumers will go for a one-time impulse purchase if it’s an innovative product.2 The search for joy, surprise and relaxation is there and needs to be met by the launch of new and unique tastes and textures. We can attract consumers with exciting textures thanks to PREGEFLO® pregelatinized starch or GLUCIDEX® maltodextrin and dried glucose syrup as well as provide less-sugary permissible indulgences with high-performing polyols.

4. Original plant-based products – Taste and creativity reloaded

We’ve all witnessed the huge plant-based food revolution that has taken place during the past few years. Either because of health reasons, animal ethics or sustainability matters, consumers have started a new journey, and some have changed their dietary patterns. Now we can find consumers who are trying to partially reduce (those we identify as “flexitarians” or vegetarians), or totally reduce (like vegans), their animal consumption. The industry is answering that need by improving and enlarging the offer of matching products on the shelves day by day. However, some consumers still want to see more improvement in taste and texture of plant-based products, or even unique plant-based offers with new options that surprise their minds and palates.2

Different ingredients can do the job in new plant-based products, but an outstanding plant protein is key of course, like Roquette’s NUTRALYS® plant protein (rice, pea, wheat).

5. Easy peasy – Convenient products to ease the busy days

Does this scenario sound familiar? The alarm clock rings, you start your day running to have breakfast, or maybe you skip it and grab something to eat on the go. With busy lives and short times to eat or cook, we need a little help. Well-made ready-meals or snacks to have on the go can help provide a balanced and good amount of the nutrients we need. It’s useful to have a simple and convenient product that does the job, being tasty and nutritious while saving us time‒this is what 2 in 3 are looking for to ensure their daily nutrient intake.2

Ingredients that perform in microwaveable applications can be an option, like PREGEFLO® pregelatinized starch, or NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber to boost fiber content.

6. It’s all about us – Personalized solutions for each consumer cohort

Different stages of life require different nutrition needs and go hand-in-hand with different values and motivations. Consumers are aware of this and demanding more specific solutions that match their lifestyles and interests. For example, older adults will go for a good, easy-to-eat meal that provides energy and hydration, and that contributes to muscle maintenance with a protein boost. Younger people often prefer something super tasty in different textures that gives them energy throughout the day. Nevertheless, there are still 27% of consumers who don’t feel that there’s a product that really meets their nutrition requirements right now.1 So it’s time to explore the market, find the gaps and come out with tailored solutions for everyone.

For babies, Roquette offers GLUCIDEX® Premium maltodextrin and dried glucose syrup range, which are best-in-class carbs with an outstanding digestive tolerance to nourish babies. Balanced solutions can be achieved by combining the right ingredients like proteins, fiber or carbs. 


Develop successful solutions with us

What a year to start working! If you’re thinking about creating full plant-based products, looking for a sugar reduction in your formulation, or to give them a fiber boost, any new project can be challenging, as well as exciting. It is key to be with the right partner. We will help you bring your ideas to life to develop the right solution you’re seeking. Contact our team to start creating the new stars of the food and beverages market.



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