How to Reconnect Creativity and the Impulsive Purchasing for Sugar-Free Confectionery
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How to Reconnect Creativity and the Impulsive Purchasing for Sugar-Free Confectionery


Changes that have occurred across the gum and mints industries accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic with impacts in socialization decreasing the consumption of gum and mints. The main reason for consuming gum and mints remains as breath freshening for social interactions and a “boost of confidence,” but there are more market drivers like indulgence and oral care that matter to consumers as well. Consumer expectations for innovation in confectionery are evolving and driving categories to new standards. In this article, you will find insights and ideas to go beyond in developing new sugar-free confectionery. 

Same category, two kinds of consumers

Gum and mints are considered impulse purchasing in confectionery, and are characterized by on-the-go consumption. Some differences appear when talking about consumer target profiles, such as Boomer versus younger generations, and their respective choices (reasons for what they purchase and why).



Roquette insights. Internal sources 2020

Wide range of needs to feed

Breath freshening remains the priority when consuming chewing gum and mints, especially in social situations when self-confidence is required. Beyond this first need, the impulse market embraces much wider needs such as well-being, oral care , and enjoyment. A long tradition of partnership between manufacturers and Ingredients suppliers has continuously tended to feed those consumer needs.



Roquette insights. Internal sources 2021 

Positive future beyond  

Reduced impulse purchases and limited on-the-go consumption occasions during the COVID-19 lockdown resulted in significant declines for both chewing gum and mints. 

The COVID-19 scenario highlights the need for gum and mints producers to create a different angle with which to attract consumers beyond impulse purchases and breath freshening. 


Mints revenue evolutiongum revenue evolution

Source Euromonitor international Retail Value Sales 2018-2025, Constant USD million, 2020 constant price, 2020 Fixed year Exchange Rate 

Room to innovate and reconnect category to the consumers 

Sugar- free in all regions reflects rising global concerns about sugar intake, obesity , and oral health.

Halal and low calorie, featuring in the top 5 claims, are gaining prominence due to both strong growth and market penetration.

Apart from the top 5 claims, other positionings growing in popularity are the following: novel and fun, non-GMO, indulgent and premium, organic, vegan, brain health. 


Innova Market Insights New Products Database Mints & Gum 2019

Source: Innova Market Insights New Products Database Mints & Gum 2019 


Still to be noticed in category insights: the rising number of adult-focused functional gums (caffeine, collagen, weight management, oral health); fun launches featuring cartoon characters; clean labels; and eco-conscious claims and products with a nostalgic appeal are expected to power growth.

Sugar-free and oral health are essential in gum

Global Sugar Confectionery & Gum: Top Ten Positionings/ Claims by Sub-Category (2019) Sugar Confectionery Gum 

sugar free and oral health are essential in gum


Source: Innova Market Insights 


A clear challenge remains to awaken impulse  purchasing sugar- free demand by capturing the youngest generation's needs. Innovating confectionery solutions can unlock ideation, and Roquette experts are available to collaborate and support your creativity.

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