Water treatment

Water is an essential and fragile resource, widely used in municipal (mainly domestic) activities but also in various industries, as part of processing, or for cleaning. Its role in public health is crucial and   for which it represents a major cost factor. ROQUETTE aims to offers plant-based efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solutions in various domains: drinking water, raw water clarification, industrial effluents, sludge dewatering, etc.

Water is everyday life! 

Every day, people use potable water for daily activities like drinking, taking a shower or watering the garden. In industrial plants, raw water is used in processing of various kinds (e g paper, food, steel, industry, etc.). This needs treatment to meet the required quality and possess certain properties.

After its use in processing activities, waste water has to be treated before reuse or release into municipal water treatment plant – or, of course, before being returned to nature. In industries, water recycling is increasingly important to help reduce water consumption from natural sources and also to limit costs.

Finally, the waste water from all these various treatments reaches the sludge dewatering or sludge conditioning stage. This is required to reduce volume by drying out, after which the residue is shipped out for landfill, incineration, storage, etc, as appropriate.

Water treatment

Whether it’s surface water or waste water from domestic or industrial activities, all kinds of different pollutants have to be eliminated to obtain truly clean water. Two of the first steps is liquid/solid separation, known as coagulation and flocculation. It is essential right across the water use spectrum, whether for drinking or potable water, raw water, process water, industrial or municipal waste water or sludge dewatering. The unit used worldwide to measure the clarity of the treated water is turbidity.

Coagulation. It is the first step: particles in suspension in the water are destabilized by a cationic coagulant. The main coagulants are aluminium and iron chloride & sulphate, and their variants.
Flocculation. After having been destabilized by coagulation, the floc size obtained is generally too small. In this case, a flocculant (polymers) is added that, together with mastered agitation, allows the creation of agglomerates of sufficient size. Particle agglomerates are then recovered by decantation or flotation.

Some examples of application 

Drinking water

Surface water character varies according to season and region, producing various organic components (decomposition products), mineral particles, and various bacteria and algae. Roquette’s range of coagulants and flocculants are used in the potable process at an early stage of liquid/solid separation, prior to the sanitation. The range is specially designed to meet the potable water quality required for human consumption.

Industrial effluent

Industries vary widely and so each effluents are treated in specific, specially designed process solutions. Coagulants and flocculants are used at different stages of the process, alone or in combination.

Sludge dewatering

The aim is to reduce the volume of sludge by increasing dry solids, to an extent determined by process.

Innovative products

Our range of coagulants is designed to give positive results in different situations, each of which needs careful case-by-case assessment. Comparing positively to classical chemistry outcomes?

Our products’ main benefits are:

  • No pH impact
  • Bigger flocs (quicker settlement)
  • Dramatic reduction in residual aluminium and iron content
  • Decrease in µAlgae content
  • Decrease in sludge production
  • Decrease in chloride content

A range of 100% bio-based solutions for water treatment

Main features

  • Renewable resources, sustainability and environmentalfriendliness
  • Zero or low metallic residues in the treated water 
  • Safety: No non-classified products for human consumption or  affecting the environment
  • PAM elimination in drinking or raw water treatment
  • Decrease in sludge production

Main applications

  • Drinking water: coagulation, flocculation
  • Industrial effluents
  • Binders: styren acrylate emulsion, brewery, waste water with or without surface treatment
  • Paper mill: drinking water, raw water, coating colour emulsion breaking
  • Corrugated mill flexographic water refinery, waste water glues, slaughterhouse, sugar mill
  • Sludge dewatering: municipal, mineral sludge

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