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Polyesters PET - PEIT

Innovate in the packaging market is a key to success! Go beyond PET towards PEIT with our plant-based POLYSORB® - the high purity isosorbide.

If you are working to improve the qualities of your PET by offering innovative, high-quality materials that are both transparent and resistant to temperature, our high-purity monomer POLYSORB® will enable you to achieve the characteristics demanded by the market. 

Traditional modified polyester resins use specialty diols such as CHDM (cyclohexanedimethanol) or TMCD (tetramethyl-cyclobutanediol).

PEIT (Polyethylene co-Isosorbide Terephthalate) synthesized with highly pure POLYSORB® exhibits significant improvements in high temperature resistance (increase of glass transition temperature -Tg) at a low level of introduction at the same time as  retaining material semi-cristallinity.

Increasing the isosorbide content will enable your material to reach Tg that is equal or even superior to 100°C without compromising on resin properties such as transparency and mechanical resistance.

Polyesters based on our POLYSORB® are often characterized by their attractive appearance and their resistance to daily chemical and physical attacks. 

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POLYSORB® - the high purity isosorbide

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