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Cultivate your crops with compostable applications

Traditional plastics have supported agriculture and horticulture for many years. Well-known examples include mulch films, greenhouse films, irrigation systems, plant pots, and a multitude of auxiliary products. Modern bio-based plastics, based on BIOSUCCINIUM®, can completely degrade in compost or soil. Compostable plastics offer alternative disposal scenarios when it is difficult to collect and recycle products at the end of their lifespan.

It is often difficult to recycle fossil-based PE mulch films due to contamination with soil and agrochemicals. Biodegradable mulch films are becoming more popular as they perform just as well and can be ploughed into the soil, where they break down into water and carbon dioxide.

Biodegradable nets represent a recent but developing application segment. Whether used for packaging, wrapping or as a soil reinforcement for bulbs or grass, such nets can offer significant advantages. There is no need for removal and disposal at the end of use as they break down into water and carbon dioxide.

Compostable plastics can be used for smaller products such as garden tools, utensils, clips and ropes. Such products may occasionally be lost or forgotten in the outdoor environment where they will eventually degrade and decompose into water and CO2.

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