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Industrial Fermentation

Industrial Fermentation also called White Biotechnology relies on the cultivation of living cells both for the production of biomass (yeast or probiotics as an example), or biomolecules of interest (enzymes, antibiotics, amino acids, etc.).

Nutrition when dealing with microorganisms is a constant challenge due to the nature of biological processes. We are providing solutions that helps to predict and optimize production yields.

Our solutions for industrial fermentation

Source of nitrogen

  • SOLULYS® : stabilized corn extract bringing soluble protein and growth factors
  • NUTRALYS®: pea & wheat protein isolates and hydrolyzates
  • TUBERMINE®: potato protein concentrates
  • GLUTALYS®: corn gluten

Source of carbohydrates

  • Dextrose
  • GLUCIDEX® and TACKIDEX®: maltodextrins and dextrin
  • Polyols

    Processing aids 

    • To support your downstream processing like granulation, stabilization and spray drying support
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