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Paper bags

TACKIDEX® modified starches are particularly well suited to making glues for paper bag manufacture that can be used on modern machines at high production rates.
Using TACKIDEX®, it is possible to manufacture bags at high speed that dry rapidly, while also minimizing gluing and cleaning costs and reducing production line down time.

Core winding

Roquette offers a wide range of TACKIDEX® dextrins dedicated to core winding and paper laminates manufacture. TACKIDEX® dextrins offer low viscosity, high stability over time in liquid solution, and excellent paper gluing properties.

Other adhesive markets

Roquette offers also plant-based solutions for:

  • Wall paper: VECTOR® modified starches.
  • Wood: Pregelatinized modified starches used as an additive in glues for plywood and HI-CAT® starches.

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Other solutions
  • Construction

    Discover our wide range of plant-based solutions for concrete admixtures, dry mixes, plasterboard and mineral wool.
  • Intermediates

    Roquette plant-based solutions for bio-based intermediates as diverses as surfactants, polyurethane foams, household products, or anti-corrosion and cooling fluids.
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