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Plant care solution

Plant care

Plant Care also called Green Biotechnology relies on the cultivation of plants and their health. We are supporting plants as well as soil recovery with organic nutritional solutions.

We are providing solutions and supporting the development of new technologies for:

  • The production of biopesticides synthetized by fermentation processes.
  • The formulation of biofertilizers and biostimulants via our organic vegetable bringing a right balance in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as plant enhancement.
  • The coating, encrusting and the granulation of active ingredients and microorganisms.

Discover below a wide range of products and solutions that we offer to meet the needs of the phytosanitary industry.

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POLYOLS – Plant biostimulant and stress reduction

CYCLODEXTRINS – Novel technology for encapsulation & stabilization

DEXTROSE – Carbon source for plant stimulation and soil microbiota

GLUCIDEX© Maltodextrins – Stabilizing agent and nutritional supplement for plant care

GLUCONATE – Nutrient assimilation aid and mild bio-based chelating agent

GLUTALYS© Corn protein – Slow release nitrogen and pre-emergent herbicide

GLYCOLYS© Sodium starch glycolate  - Disintegrant functionality for granular/tablet formulations - Water retention agent

MICROCEL© Cellulose – Disintegrant functionality for granular/tablet formulations 

NUTRALYS© Pea protein – Pea based nitrogen source / fertilizer & biostimulante

SOLULYS© – Organic fertilizer and plant biostimulant

SOLUTAB© Croscarmellose sodium - Disintegrant functionality for granular/tablet formulations

STARCHES – Formulation aid – coating, adhesion, bulking

TUBERMINE© Potato protein – Potato based nitrogen source

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